5 Ways to Use Rally Insights

Kevin D. Hendricks
5 Ways to Use Rally Insights

Rally Insights helps you know your audience better. It’s a tool built into our dashboard that gives you detailed demographic information about your audience. 

What info: It’s a wealth of data—we’re talking income, gender, marital status, education level, geography, employment, religion, political affiliation, interests, and more.

Why it matters: That kind of insight means you can target the people you want to reach.

How Does Rally Insights Work?

We’ve talked before about how artificial intelligence is all the rage. But rather than a robot uprising, it’s about making tasks easier. Rally Insights is an example of artificial intelligence (AI) doing the work. 

  • The AI gathers publicly available data about your contacts and compiles it into handy graphs and charts. 
  • It also allows you to segment based on that information, so you can reach a specific segment of your audience.
Animated GIF of Rally Insights in action.

5 Ways to Use Rally Insights

So how could you use this data to segment your audience? Let’s look at five specific ways you can use Rally Insights right now to reach the exact audience you want.

  1. Channel preference: Rally Insights can show you how people prefer to be contacted—email, phone, social media, direct mail, or text messaging. You can use that data to target specific groups, such as sending a direct mail only to those who prefer it or using Rally to send a ringless voicemail to folks who prefer phone calls.
  2. Reach big donors: It’s no secret that major donors pay the rent for nonprofits. So how are you reaching them? You can use Rally Insights to segment those with a high wealth rating or giving capacity. On the flipside, you can ask people with limited giving capacity to volunteer. But—don’t make decisions for donors. Be careful not to assume that only folks with a lot of money will be high-dollar donors. You’d be surprised at who’s the most generous.
  3. Target age: Another way to segment your audience is by age. Maybe you pitch volunteering for the older folks and an athletic fundraiser for the younger folks. Or send the same pitch, but tailor it for the audience—talk about leaving a legacy for retirees and building a future for recent graduates.
  4. Stage of life: Rally Insights can tell you who has kids. Pair that with age data, and you can specifically target younger families. Now you can make a narrow pitch for your upcoming family fun day. 
  5. Interest: This seems like a no-brainer, but you should reach out to your list based on interest. If you’re doing a wine tasting, send a targeted invite to people interested in food and wine. If you’re doing a library fundraiser, reach out to folks who like books. Remember how many times you have to reach out to connect with someone, so these are easy opportunities to narrow your message and boost your repetitions.


  • Example: See how Special Olympics Virginia segments their audience to narrow in and make a specific pitch.
  • Sample: Download a sample of what Rally Insights looks like.
  • Offer: Get insights on day one. If you sign up for a trial of our Unlimited Plan, we can run a Rally Insights report for you.
  • Watch: See Rally Insights in action:

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