How to Do Multi-Touch, Multi-Channel Nonprofit Marketing

Kevin D. Hendricks
How to Do Multi-Touch, Multi-Channel Nonprofit Marketing

In today’s busy, noisy world, your nonprofit needs to reach people multiple times with the same message to get through. Even more to get people to take action. Our upcoming webinar explores how to do multi-touch, multi-channel nonprofit marketing.

It Requires Repetition

The age old marketing wisdom says it takes at least seven marketing touchpoints to convert a prospect. You can’t just send an email or post to social media and be done. 

Your nonprofit needs to build marketing campaigns with seven touches in mind. These marketing efforts will create multiple connection points across multiple channels. Maybe you send an email, post to social media, drop a ringless voicemail, send a reminder text, follow up with another email, post to social again, and even go old school with direct mail.

If you’re not repeating your message, you’re not connecting.

Our webinar will explore how to do multi-channel nonprofit marketing with enough repetition and hooks to get a bite. 

Webinar Details

Join us for a free webinar on multi-channel nonprofit marketing:

  • Why it takes so many channels and touches to connect.
  • How to multiply your message.
  • Tips and ideas to make the most of each channel.
  • Q&A at the end to answer your specific questions.


James Martin is a three-time tech founder and servant leader with over two decades of experience. As the founder of Rally Corp, he helps charities and causes rally passionate supporters with a human-centered mobile communications platform built exclusively for nonprofits.

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