300% Increase in Engagement With the Rally Platform

Human-centered mobile tools to help you rally people and change the world.


Ideal for teams needing text-to-donate or simple workflows to acquire new contacts and donors.

Keyword on 24365
QR codes
1:1 chat & bulk reply
Free inbound messages
Message templates
Zapier integrations
Up to 5,000 contacts
1,500 monthly credits*


Best for large organizations looking for a custom offering built to suit their specific needs and processes.

All Features +
Strategy & coaching
Implementation support
"Done for You" campaigns
Security audits & SLAs
Dedicated shortcode(s)
Scalable service options
Contracts & payment terms
All plans include personal training and tailored playbooks to help you get the most out of the Rally platform.

*A credit is an outbound message of up to 300 characters and can include media (MMS). 0% Processing Fees on all donations.
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“The text-to-donate process was super smooth, and some of our largest donations of the night came thru via the platform! It gave us the relevant edge we needed to win over a mature crowd as well as engage the millennials in the audience.”

Blake S.

All Plans Include

We have bundled our most popular features into every plan to ensure you get results.
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  • AI/sentiment analysis
  • Advanced data import & export
  • Implementation guidance
  • Chat & conversations
  • Customizable workflows
  • Compliance & best practices
  • Access to phone numbers
  • Bulk message credit discounts
  • Click-to-text/short links
  • Contacts with advanced filtering
  • Dashboard & reporting
  • Enhanced messages with emojis
  • Email, phone/text, & Zoom support
  • Templates & script library
  • Reply scheduling
  • Autoresponders/prompts
  • Lists & contact tagging
  • Message personalization
  • Rally URL shortener
  • Real-time publish/unpublish
  • UTM/dynamic link support
  • History/audit logging
  • Book an Expert for on-demand help
  • Multimedia (image/gif/video texts)
  • rally.so video listing
  • ∞ product features/future proofing

Optional Extras

The world's best trust Rally Corp
“Pressing play on a texting program for the first time during a pandemic was a bit scary, however, the team at Rally could not have made the process more simple. They are so responsive and helpful. Thanks to them, our donors have another easy way to support the Healthcare Heroes at all 11 of our hospitals during this critical time. I highly recommend working with Rally Corp.”

Stacy B.
RWJ Barnabas Health
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Core Features & Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1

Do you take fees from the donations we receive?

No, Rally does not charge transaction or processing fees on any of the donations you collect. Since we link out or integrate with every fundraising platform, we give you full control to maximize the funds you receive.

Question 2

How long does it take to get set up and start using the platform?

Generally, set up takes just a few days, but we can get it done in a few hours if necessary. If you have a campaign or event coming up, be sure to let us know the date, and we will coordinate with our onboarding team to make sure you are up and running in time.

Question 3

We are not sure if the phone numbers in our database are mobile, landline, blocked, etc. What should we do?

Not a problem. Just let our support team know, and we will assist you by running an analysis on your first campaign. The Rally platform validates phone numbers on import, but we can go a step further and provide a detailed report showing carrier status codes at any time.

Question 4

What are credits, and how do they work?

Credits are needed to transmit messages over a third-party carrier network (e.g., AT&T, Verizon, etc.). With Rally, inbound messages are always free since we pay that fee on your behalf.

Unlike other texting services, Rally does not charge for each segment, meaning you can send up to 300 characters per credit.

Every plan includes credits, and you can add 1,000 more for just $50 (much cheaper if you buy in bulk). So, it might help to consider that it will only cost 5 cents to capture a donor's phone number and that only after you use up your free credits.

Monthly plan credits do not roll over, so they expire at the end of the month; however, purchased or bonus credits never expire. As an added benefit, the Rally platform always pulls from the monthly plan credits before using your pre-purchased credits.

Multimedia, international numbers, and calling features may require additional credits, so let us know what kind of campaigns you want to run, and we'll help you determine what you'll need.

Question 5

Do you have information on the conversion rates to monthly giving or single gifts from others using Rally?

We love this question. One of our core values is "results," so we work extremely hard to help our clients get results.

To answer this question, we need to provide a little context.

Text messaging is by far the most effective means to connect with people. You can't argue with the data. However, it does require third-party networks and infrastructure to transmit your message. Email does as well, but it is not nearly as effective, so most companies charge just a few fractions of a cent per 10,000 messages. Texts are slightly more expensive given the technology requirements, efficiency, and benefit.

We see the same cost to benefit ratio when we look at networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. The more effective, the more you have to "pay to play."

With this in mind, we set out to build an accessible platform on the most effective network and include world-class implementation support specifically designed for nonprofits. We wanted to help them maximize their return on this particular technology investment. Put simply, Rally helps nonprofits get the most out of text messaging.

As for the numbers, here are a few to help you determine if texting is right for you. Texts get opened and read over 90% of the time. Messages are 12 times more likely to get a response than an email. Last year, the average text donation was $135, significantly higher than its counterparts.

Chances are texting will help you raise awareness, capture numbers, and convert donors. Rally is committed to helping you do just that. For more information, be sure to check out our free ROI calculator here.

The world's best trust Rally Corp