🫶 Charities & Causes

Rally works with charities and nonprofits of all sizes, helping them acquire, engage, and retain support.

🫶 Charities & Causes

Here's How it Works

  • Import contacts: Set up your contact lists, whether it’s donors, volunteers, staff, or the people you serve. You can convert your existing lists to connect and engage with your biggest fans.
  • Capture new signups: Use a Rally QR code, our handy shortcode (24365), or one of our pre-built web forms to grow your list from your other marketing efforts (for example, email, social media, or mailers).
  • Narrow your focus: Use tags to segment your list and reach the exact audience you want. You can also use Rally Insights to zero in on demographics. 
  • Write your message: You can create your own message or pick from one of our 125+ pre-written templates. You can engage supporters, raise money, and connect in a crisis. Boost engagement by using images or video.
  • Send: Send your text. It’s that easy.
  • Reply: Make it personal by engaging with responses. Our sentiment analysis helps you spot urgent replies that require a response.

For Example

See Rally in action to understand how it can work for nonprofit:

  • Simple pitch: Learn how My360Project uses the 24365 shortcode to make an easy pitch, whether from the stage or a one-on-one conversation.
  • Event engagement: See how Special Olympics Virginia boosts participation during their Polar Plunge fundraiser with a series of text reminders, updates, and stories.
  • Capture donations: Look at how the Salvation Army uses multiple keywords with the 24365 shortcode to capture donations in the moment during fundraising events, media interviews, and more.
  • Volunteer connection: Watch how the HEADstrong Foundation uses Rally to tell stories and motivate their athletes to reach their fundraising goals.

Do More

  • Voice: Use ringless voicemail to send a recorded audio message just like a text.
  • Momentum: Supercharge your next fundraiser by showing progress toward a goal with the fundraising thermometer.‍
  • Strategy: More than just texting, we can help you develop a mobile marketing strategy to reach people where they’re at—on their devices.

Texting and mobile features made specifically for you

We’ll help you roll out texting campaigns the right way and empower you with the tools to measure and understand how people feel about your messages. Nonprofit marketing is hard enough, so our goal is to help you get real results with mobile.
Ask about our Get Results Guarantee. 🏆
Rally Corp
Use your current online donation forms
Integrates with nonprofit CRMs
Ready-made nonprofit text messaging templates
Text 24365, Toll-free/10DLC, & QR Codes
Multimedia messaging service (MMS) with pics, GIFs, video & emojis
Two-way or peer to peer (P2P) texting & automated to person (A2P) bulk texting
AI-enhanced features & automation
Ringless voicemails
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