Why Text Your Church?

Ryan Leech
Why Text Your Church?

Can I ask you something?

Do you feel like you send emails to your church week in and week out that most of your people aren’t reading?

As churches in the 21st century, we have to do better than sending emails with five events, this Sunday’s sermon, and a dozen requests for volunteers and members to participate in giving more.

Recent studies have shown that our emails have an approximate open rate of 25%.

Social media is only 2%. Our people might see it but they aren’t absorbing information.

This isn’t to say you shouldn’t commit some time and resources to these platforms of communications.


What about when somebody texts you? How many seconds until you pick up your phone?

Well, studies show that up to 98% of people will open a text message.

That includes the people in your church.

So what if you, a pastor or administrator at your church, could just text everyone in your church?

What if you could rally your church in an effective way that actually saves you time, frees up what limited resources you have, and allow you to actually engage with your people rather than answering administrative questions during your Sunday gathering?

Text Your Church

Here are some better questions.

  • How can we better engage our church and rally our people to the vision and values of our church?
  • How can we engage new visitors and help them become mature members of our community?
  • How can we encourage our people to better partner financially with what Jesus is doing in our church?

The answer? Meet our people where they're at: on their phones.

Texting your church leads to better engagement and moves people from first-time visitors to mature members – all while engaging your entire congregation and inviting them to your Sunday gathering, upcoming events, and engage in financially partnering with the work that God is doing in your community.


Interested in rallying your church to mobilize your mission?

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