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Built by church planters for church planters. Oh, and our sending churches too! 💙 ✝️

Text CHURCH to 24365 to see it in action.

Rally works with your existing ChMS and giving platforms.

Rally Corp for Churches - Dashboard View

We know it can be difficult to connect with your people

People see on average 5000 ads per day and have 200+ emails in their inbox, most of which they ignore. We help make it simple to connect to new visitors and keep your church engaged.




Increase in


Text Donation

Engage Your Church

From New Visitor to Mature Member

Use an easy-to-remember short number during services so your visitors and members have a convenient way to give or connect with leadership.

Add your member lists and send a highly personalized call-to-action. It is so easy our team will even do your first campaign for you.

Visitors and members will not need to learn a new number, update their contacts, or opt-in to another service, even if you change ChMS platforms.

Here's How It Works


Mass Texting

Text your whole church with one click. Send text, images, GIFs, polls, emojis, and more. Include individual names, set up texts in advance, or make them recurring.

Rally Corp for Churches - Example Text Message

Text a Keyword

Set up keywords that trigger an automated response into a workflow or menu.

You can also create custom QR codes to help trigger a keyword.


Jump in for an even more personal touch and send or respond to messages individually.

Rally Corp for Churches - Example Message
Example Text Message Exchange

Automated Workflows

Schedule one or multiple texts in advance. Trigger in a keyword, menu, form, or list to automate announcements, devotionals, visitor follow-ups, and just about anything else you can imagine.


Our platform keeps all your contacts and conversations under one roof while connecting to all the tools you already use.

Rally Corp for Churches - Dashboard Example 2
Rally Corp for Churches - Integrations


Rally works with your ChMS and other tools you already use

+6,000 more options!


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Follow our checklist, and connect your ChMS and other platforms. Join our free Open Office hours or text us if you need help.

Connect With Your Church

Start engaging your church and greeting new visitors - just like you've always wanted. With our training you're never alone.

Simple Pricing

Experienced Leadership Team to Help You Get Results.

No Fuss. Flat Fee.
  • 10,000 Texts a Month

  • Verified Toll-Free or Local 10DLC Registration

  • Unlimited Keywords & Contacts

Need more sends? Add for just 1.75¢/Text
Ask about our Church Plant & Small Church Discounts

Send Pictures or HD Videos (SMS/MMS)

Drop Ringless Voicemails

Multichannel communications ensure your messages get results. Drop a well-timed voicemail with your text message, and be seen and heard!

Two-Way Converstations with Automation

Go beyond impersonal text blasts and start a real conversation. Set up optional automation and autoresponders and move people down a path.

For example, move new visitors and regular attendees through a defined process like New --> Regular --> Engaged --> Maturing. Use tags and custom lists to know where people are in their journey.

24365 Short Number Access

Invite new visitors to text a KEYWORD to 24365 (twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year) to kick off a series of automated message prompts and menus -- for example, invite them to join a community group, register for an event, access family ministry info, or give. Really anything you want.

You can also add your own US Shortcode (5-6 digit phone number) if you'd like. Just ask us how.

AI-Enhanced Features

With Rally's AI-enhanced workflows and conversational analytics, you'll have deeper insights into what resonates with your audience.

Short Links and Click Tracking

Easy spot trends on the Rally dashboard to identify what messages are getting traction. Includes Deliverability & Reply Rates, Clicks, Conversions, and Sentiment Analysis (AI)

98% Delieverablity

We guarantee your messages will be delivered.

But we'll go beyond the send.

Simply put, if you don't get the results you want from texting, we'll issue a statement credit and work with you to help you improve your numbers and engagement.

Need help convincing your boss? 😊

Need something to leave on their desk? Want help understanding how Rally Corp can help you better engage your church?