How to Engage New Visitors at Your Church

Ryan Leech
Published on | 
January 13, 2023
How to Engage New Visitors at Your Church

What’s the most exciting thing on Sunday morning (okay, aside from baptisms)?

The sermon? The music? Announcements?

We think it’s new faces!

Whether Christians visiting your church for the first time or a curious neighbor that gathered the courage to visit your church for the first time – we love seeing new faces.

But how many times have our welcome teams greeted a new visitor, welcomed them to your Sunday gathering, and then never seen them again?

It’s not our Hospitality or Connect team's fault. It’s our systems.

The Old Way to Follow Up

We’ve all been there.

You greet a new visitor before service, have a great chat, point them to the coffee, and after service, they’re nowhere to be found. It’s disappointing and leaves us wondering what we could have done better.

Just like you, we tried all the tools: paper connect cards everywhere you look, email newsletters with cool graphics, rotating slides, and connect team members at every exit.

They still seem to slip through.

The New Way to Follow Up

Then we found a new alternative: texting.

We started asking folks for their phone numbers so we could text them throughout the week and invite them to visit again – and it worked.

We saw a 98% open rate and 300% increase in engagement with our efforts.

Texting each new face isn’t very practical so that’s why we created Rally Corp – to help you rally your church and mobilize your mission. walk your visitors from new people to mature members.


Interested in rallying your church to mobilize your mission?

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