Reply With Rally: Text Messaging Is Conversational

Kevin D. Hendricks
Reply With Rally: Text Messaging Is Conversational

Text messaging is a conversational medium. So if your nonprofit is going to start using SMS text messaging for a marketing campaign, you need to actually reply. 

Replies are simple with Rally. 

One of our values is being human centered, so we made sure replying to text messages is simple and easy.

  • Other text messaging tools don't let you reply. They don't even have an inbox. You literally can't reply.
  • With Rally, it’s easy to reply. We’ll send you notifications. You can reply in real time or follow up in our messaging platform.

Voice calls: Not only can you reply to text messages, you can make an actual phone call and talk to people. You have their phone number, so why not?

Customer experience: Too often organizations that use text messaging can’t handle replies. So your text goes into a void and nobody ever sees it. Even worse, they don’t even have an auto-response to let you know you're about to be completely ignored.

Example: Anchor Point shared emergency prayer updates and received lots of replies. Most were thank yous or people saying they would pray, but there were plenty of questions, requests for more info, and people asking how to donate.

Another example: It helps to be conversational. Use a friendly tone. Special Olympics Virginia found that ending with a question was a good way to encourage a response.

Too Many Replies

OK, but what if you send a lot of text messages? Like thousands? How do you handle that many replies? 

Don’t sweat it. Our functionality makes it easy.

Rally uses artificial intelligence (AI) filtering to sort the responses and help you figure out what needs a response and what doesn’t.

Illustration of Rally's AI-filtering to narrow down the number of text messages you need to respond to.

Example: One client sent out 100,000 text messages. With AI filtering, they only needed to respond to about a dozen replies.

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