[Resource] The Text Messaging (SMS) ROI Calculator for Nonprofits™

James Martin
Published on | 
October 22, 2021
[Resource] The Text Messaging (SMS) ROI Calculator for Nonprofits™

About This Resource

We have developed this ROI Calculator to help you evaluate text messaging (SMS) as a strategy to drive donor acquisition, engagement, and retention.

While created from our many years of experience working with causes and charities of all sizes, we will continually improve it based on trends, experience, and feedback. We want it to be helpful as you shape your campaigns and improve your results.

We highly recommend you attend one of our free workshops, where we work through this resource and help you plug in your specific numbers. We have captured industry standards and numbers we've seen working with our customers. However, every situation is unique.

We would love to show you how to leverage SMS in your fundraising campaigns to drive results.

Get your copy today, and then follow the steps below.


1. Under File above, Export to Excel or Save a Copy to your Google Account. If you are not logged into Google, your only option will be Download.

2. Update the fields in light yellow with your data (we've preloaded some of the fields with industry averages/benchmarks.

3. Start today or join an upcoming demo to learn how you can get results.

4. Send us feedback and ideas on how we can make this resource more helpful for you. Just email contact@rallycorp.com.

Questions?  join the next demo. We'll help you evaluate and optimize mobile as a strategy to rally support.

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