Finding your Voice of Customer (VOC)

James Martin
Finding your Voice of Customer (VOC)
What is Meaningful Customer Engagement?

Remember the popular children’s book, Where’s Waldo? In the book, readers are given a call to action: To find the distinctively dressed Waldo-wearing a striped shirt, red hat, and spectacles- on each page of the book. While seek-and-find-books are a popular concept in children’s literature, Waldo really took it to the next level. It was genuinely difficult to find Waldo! Many times reading this book to my kids, I would be tempted to move on without finding the target. But alas, the small people had something to say about that!

In my last post, I introduced the concept of customer engagement by listening to your Voice of Customer (VOC). VOC is a channel or conduit through which you capture the needs and motivations of your customers in a way that accurately informs your business practice, product development, or marketing strategy.

How Rally identifies and solves the VOC problem.

Referring back to Waldo, locating the often elusive VOC in a pile of traditional marketing data is like trying to find Waldo on page after maddening page full of tiny faces that all look just like Waldo. How do you sift through the meaningless data to find the golden nuggets that truly represent your customer’s motivations?

Traditional marketing data is usually comprised of customer trends and surveys, with mountains of useless information that needs to be distilled down to the essence to prove effective. It is a daunting and complex task to uncover relevant information from piles of raw data.

The “Rally” Recipe.

A Rally is a completely new way to process customer engagement data.

1- Reduce the friction — make it easy to connect!

First, we start with the assumption that we should remove every barrier to connect with the people who matter most to your business. Think about it,  would you want to be required to share your mobile phone number or other personal information to take a survey or connect with a company? And to add insult to injury, would you tolerate getting a one-sided marketing text message because you used your number in the course of doing business with someone?

Nope, neither would we.

So from the very beginning, we sat out to make Rally different.  From well-defined opt-out to double opt-in and a “keep my number private” option, we allow customers to engage with businesses on their terms. And with a universal number, no app to install or account to create, we take all the guesswork out of making that initial connection.

As a business, this communicates a great deal of respect and trustworthiness.  And that is a great place to start any relationship!

2- Understand what’s going on and always close-the-loop.

The next part of the Rally solution is our embedded natural language processing in every conversation, giving you the ability to drill into the customer comments that need immediate attention.

Not only is connecting frictionless but following up with a customer in a timely and personalized manner is also easy, ensuring you never leave them hanging. We start by identifying the right conversations and making actionable data super simple to spot, allowing you to respond 1:1 or to the group as needed.

Customized to your specifications

Are you ready to screen out all the Where’s Waldo look-alikes, and get to the customers that have the data you need? Rally Corp can clarify your marketing efforts and help save time and money by avoiding ineffective feedback and misguided assumptions by driving real customer engagement, understanding, and satisfaction.

Let Rally Corp bring your customers into focus, schedule a free consultation today!