The Market and Product Sweet Spot

James Martin
The Market and Product Sweet Spot

When a baseball player connects with the ball in the perfect location on the bat, the momentum of the bat and the ball come together to get the perfect hit. That’s what is called finding the sweet spot. Wouldn’t it be great if every hit connected perfectly with the sweet spot?

In marketing, the sweet spot is when a product or service connects in that perfect place with our customer’s felt need. Much time, effort, and expense are spent in discovering how to connect with that sweet spot.

My experience in the corporate world brought this challenge into focus for me. I had worked at large corporations where many layers of communication muffled the conversation between the customer and the decision-makers at the top. Often the felt need of the customer got completely lost in a nicely arranged, yet difficult to decipher stack of charts and market analysis numbers. I knew we could do better.

Finding the customer’s voice in all the noise.

In marketing terms, we call the process of actually connecting with the customer’s desire, expectation, and resistance the Voice of Customer (VOC for short). In the large corporate model of marketing, we found this voice was being drowned out by the numbers and sometimes meaningless data.

That’s how Rally was born. What we envisioned was a streamlined process for decision-makers to connect with their ideal customers or sales prospects in meaningful ways that actually indicated the need for action.

We help you engage with your ideal customer.

We started Rally because we’re driven to help people like you create better, more trusting relationships with their audiences, whether that be customers, members, or employees. We know what’s possible– and we’re building the best solution we can to help you build relationships through meaningful conversations. We’re on a mission to help companies better engage and delight the people who matter most.

How is Rally different?

The Rally process creates authentic two-way relationships with your customers, staff, and other stakeholders. Our solution makes it easy to collect and respond to questions and surveys from a single platform. Receive text messages from a universal shortcode, local, or toll-free number. Create conversational forms. Then analyze and reply to close the feedback loop.

With Rally you will:

  • Understand what’s happening with your business to optimize your revenue streams.
  • Get insights that immediately provide you with the ability to make better business decisions.
  • When your audience has a question, be there for them with an instant answer.
  • Instantly understand where you stand with the people who matter most to your business.
  • Always close the loop!

Are you ready to find the sweet spot? Schedule a consultation today. We’d love to help!