5 Examples of Engaging Supporters With Text Messaging

Kevin D. Hendricks
5 Examples of Engaging Supporters With Text Messaging

The response and engagement generated by text messaging is off the charts. We know the stats, but what does that look like in reality? How does your nonprofit actually use texting to engage supporters? 

We’ve got five examples showing how nonprofits engaged supporters by texting with the Rally platform: 

  1. Thank You and Credit
    Sending a timely thank you is critical to creating goodwill and further engaging supporters. A local pet shelter sends a text message the same day donations come in to thank supporters and ask if they want to be tagged in an upcoming Facebook post featuring a new adoptable pet: "It is your support, [first_name] that gives puppies like Jo-Jo here a fighting chance. Thank you!"

  2. Following Up With First-Time Church Visitors
    Pastor Ryan Buss from The Resolved in San Diego wanted a new way to connect with first-time visitors at his church. Using the Rally platform, he encouraged newcomers to text Connect to a number on the screen (they also made a QR code available) and complete a simple welcome form via their mobile phone. Then a leader would reach out with a call or text during the week to schedule a coffee to get to know the newcomer and invite them to a local community group. This simple approach significantly increased the likelihood that visitors would come back the following week.

  3. Streamlined Communication for School
    Every school has a flurry of upcoming events and other important news to share. So Hannah Keller from Lake Forest Academy in Illinois needed a new way to connect with parents and her community. She implemented Rally and calls it her “streamlined method for communications and giving via text.”

  4. On-Stage Connection for Future Follow Up
    Darryl Carnley from My360Project speaks in churches and local community gatherings about his humanitarian aid work overseas. But he faces a big challenge: How to connect with people for a follow up? His hosts often don’t want him making an appeal from the stage. And filling out a website contact form is too much—audiences will rarely do it and it’s a distraction while he’s speaking. So instead, Carnley invites people to join his newsletter or download a video by texting a number. It’s super simple for his audience and easy for him with the Rally platform. Now he has an opportunity to follow up later. Carnley’s goal is not to collect donations as much as it is to build relationships over time and connecting via text is a fantastic way to do just that.

  5. Saying Thank You
    Everybody wants to support first responders, but actually engaging people can be a challenge. So Scott Perrin from the First Responders Children’s Foundation shares a shortcode and keyword in newspapers, magazines, and video ads inviting people to thank first responders. Expressing gratitude is a simple action anybody can do, and people are eager to take part. After that initial engagement, Scott can follow up and share more about their work to support the children of first responders.

Those are just five quick examples of nonprofits using texting to engage with supporters through the Rally platform. If you’re ready to create real engagement, get started with Rally today.