[Infographic] 9 Must-Know Text Message Marketing Stats for Nonprofits

James Martin
[Infographic] 9 Must-Know Text Message Marketing Stats for Nonprofits

9 Must-Know Text Message Marketing Stats for Nonprofits

When it comes to text message marketing, many nonprofit organizations are yet to catch on. In fact, statistics show that many users prefer text messaging, yet very few organizations have adopted it to date.

Text Messaging Statistics You Should Know

Did you know that you can draw more donor engagement with text messaging? Numbers don’t lie – check out these interesting stats:

  • The number of mobile users worldwide is projected to exceed 7.49 billion by 2025
  • About 97% of Americans own a mobile device
  • Over 5 billion people can send and receive SMS messages, making it the most viable communication channel
  • Text messages get 12x more response rate than phone calls and emails 
  • The average text donation is about $135 per year, significantly higher than other channels
  • 97% of American professionals are within 3 feet of their mobile devices 24 hours a day and look at it 150 times daily on average
  • The average person replies to an SMS message in 90 seconds, whereas it will take 90 minutes to get a response via email
  • A thank-you call/text program generated a 56% increase in first-year donor retention and a 72% increase in first-year retention revenue
  • Only 20% of mobile phone users will answer calls they don’t expect, while texts are read in 5 seconds on average

How to Drive Donor Engagement with Text Message Marketing

There are several ways to improve donor engagement with text messages. They include:

Keep Donors Updated

Keep your prospects engaged by consistently updating them with the progress of your nonprofit. You can share your efforts of supporting initiatives, inform them about incoming projects, and so much more.

Be Personal and Genuine

Ensure you personalize text messages you send each donor. For instance, you can use their first name and customize the messages to appeal to their particular interests.

Ask for Donation Pledges

Make it easy for your donors to make donations by allowing them to submit a pledge or donate at any time via text messages.

Share How Contributions Were Used

Instead of a simple thank-you note, send out texts of how donations have helped your organization has achieved its goals and made a difference in the community. This will go a long way in keeping donors engaged with your organization.

Get a 300% Increase in Donor Engagement with the Rally Platform

Conversational texting goes a long way to build meaningful relationships. With Rally’s AI-enhanced tools, you can easily monitor and respond to donors in real-time - even at large volumes. 

Remember to include your recipient’s name, use a conversational tone, don’t restrict yourself to just 160 characters, and use emojis to give your text message a more personal feel. This will improve your open and reply rates and keep your donors happy to get your updates for many years to come.

Use Rally Text-2-Donate™ with conversational text messaging to forge unbreakable relationships with donors and volunteers. Text RALLY to 24365 to learn more about our text messaging service.

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