6 Examples of Rally in the Wild

Kevin D. Hendricks
6 Examples of Rally in the Wild

We always talk about how easy it is to use Rally Corp’s text messaging service to connect with your nonprofit supporters. But what does that look like? Here are some examples of nonprofits using Rally’s simple 24365 SMS short code. They’re asking for donations, sharing more info, and connecting with supporters. Simple as that.

Why it matters: These examples are important for you because they show what it looks like for nonprofits getting the most out of Rally. You have to be using it, and that means sharing those short codes and keywords whenever possible to grow your contact list. Then you can boost your SMS marketing campaigns, sending bulk texts, notifications, and follow up with two-way texting.

What is it: A short code is a 6-digit phone number that wireless carriers use for text campaigns. There are different types of short codes, including random short codes and dedicated short codes. They’re often used for opt-in mobile marketing.

How it works: Rally has a simple, shared short code—24365—that every customer can use (sometimes this short code number is called a vanity short code). You pair the common short code with a unique keyword to generate a specific action. For example, you can text RALLY to 24365 and get several options for more info on how Rally works. The automation can vary, whether you’re collecting mobile phone numbers, gathering CRM info for segmentation, or some other functionality.

6 Examples of the Rally Short Code in Action

Let’s see those short codes in action with these SMS text messaging examples. These nonprofit organizations are using short code text message marketing to connect with their supporters and offer a better customer experience. These use cases work well for high-volume situations where a large audience means you need a lot of throughput.

Last Prisoner Project

The Last Prisoner Project is a criminal justice advocacy group fighting cannabis incarceration. Their informational video encourages watchers to text FREEDOM to the short number 24365 to donate.

Screenshot from last Prisoner Project video with "Text Freedom to 24365"


Community Organized Relief Effort (CORE) responds to crises all over the world and they use the Rally platform to bring in donations. “Text CORE to 24365” is featured prominently on their donate page (and the vanity code and keyword have also been shared by founder Sean Penn on Twitter).

Screenshot from CORE with "Text CORE to 24365 to make a donation now."


When a historic music venue in New Orleans, Tipitina’s, needed help during the pandemic, they organized a benefit concert and used Rally. Both the concert posters and the online stream of the event asked people to text SAVETIPS to 24365 to donate.

Benefit concert poster for Tipitina's with "Text SAVETIPS to 24365."
Screenshot from livestream with "Donate now! Text SAVETIPS to 24365."

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army’s 35th annual Bed & Bread Club Radiothon used Rally to take donations. There were prominent buttons to text BREAD to 24365 to donate. They raised a whopping $1.7 million.

Screenshot from Salvation Army radiothon with "Text BREAD to 24365."

ABS-CBN Foundation International

ABS-CBN is dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged Filipino families in the Philippines and around the world. They encouraged people to help in the aftermath of Typhoon Karding by texting HELP4PH to 24365. It was featured in their Instagram posts. They also used it for earthquake response as static text below a video

Instagram post from ABS-CBN with "Text HELP4PH to 24365."


When My360Project wants to connect with people about their mission to give shoes to people in need, they make it super simple: Text SHOES to 24365. It’s a super simple shorthand to start sharing more information and help potential supporters understand what they do. My360Project shares that everywhere, from on stage to social media, and can then follow up with SMS messages.

Instagram post encouraging people to "Text SHOES to 24365 for more information."

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That’s a quick look at how nonprofits are using Rally to connect via short code texting and text message marketing. Book a demo today to see how Rally can work for your nonprofit.

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