19 Hilarious Fundraising and Nonprofit Memes to Make You Laugh

James Martin
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August 12, 2022
19 Hilarious Fundraising and Nonprofit Memes to Make You Laugh

19 Hilarious Fundraising and Nonprofit Memes to Make You Laugh

The last quarter is almost upon us, which means fundraising season is on the way! With the end of the year being the most popular time for charitable giving, it’s time to get warmed up. Are you ready?

Have a look through our top fundraising memes to get you in the right mindset and get a bit of a refresher on some of the fundraising basics at the same time.

Our Top 19 Fundraising Memes

1.    A Meme of Memes

Let’s kick off with a shoutout to fundraising memes. Memes are a great way to draw attention to something, and we won’t be persuaded otherwise. They also make information easier to handle, which leads us to number 2.

nonprofit meme

2.    A Force for Good

On that note, remember that getting a grip on your donors doesn’t have to be sterile and serious. Making use of social media and memes can be a good thing. And using those oft-insidious marketing principles is a lot easier to justify when there’s a good cause behind them.

3.    It’s Time

You can feel it in the air. The urge to form a campaign plan is rising. You need a budget. You’ve got to start organizing your contacts in order of difficulty… Prepare yourself.

fundraising meme

4.    But, What is Fundraising?

What actually goes into fundraising depends on whom you ask. It’s hard to explain. It’s got something to do with money, at least. And lots of rejection.

5.    The Sexy Approach

Fundraising is all about choosing the right approach.

There are a bunch of ways to get people interested. Ryan Gosling is one of them. Don’t be afraid to use a little honey to persuade people to donate; it’s not beneath you. Besides, it’s for a good cause. Keep telling yourself this, you’ll need it.

Funny fundraising meme

6.    The Scary Approach

Of course, if sexy doesn’t work, there’s always the threat of arson. People would much rather contribute to your cause than face the wrath of Disaster Girl.

7.    The Direct Approach

If disaster girl is too subtle, you can take a leaf from P. Diddy’s book and approach it overtly. It worked for the Vote or Die campaign! Or, maybe it didn’t exactly, but it could work for yours.

8.    Emotional Blackmail

If threats and flirting don’t work, you’ve really only got one other option. Try appealing to their sense of kittens. Please note: this may still be considered a threat Because of the implication.And that’s what makes it such a powerful approach.

9.    Don’t Ignore the Baby Demographic

They may drink a lot, but they have a generous lack of inhibitions. Babies also don’t really know the value of the money they’re throwing around. Just make sure they spell their names right on the form or get a qualified guardian to help them with it.

10.  Relight the Fire

Once you’ve decided on your chosen point of leverage, start planning your outreach material. Lapsed donors are always a good place to start. Get writing your winning fundraising letters to tell them how they’re sorely missed. That’s right, stroke their ego. This is what you signed up for.

11.  Don’t Patronize

Find those people who have milked their previous donation for every penny on their social media. By all means, judge them, but please do it quietly. Their money is as good as anyone else’s, and they might be in need of another validation campaign, so tell them how altruistic and charming they are. Again, get stroking and refer to point 5.

12.  Remember the Pareto Principle!

Finding the right balance is key here. If you spend all your time barking up the wrong tree, you’ll have lowered yourself for nothing.

They say focusing 80% of your recourses on 20% of the highest-value donors is a winning strategy. Just make sure the 80/20 rule isn’t misinterpreted by your team.

13.  Get Emailing!

You know what this means. You’ll have to design and compose an email that will stand out among the average office worker’s 121 daily emails. This means making it personal, cheery, and informative. Hide the dying faith in humanity that’s festering inside you and pretend to be cheerful. Strive to entertain and educate. A bit like this list of memes.

14.  Target Your Approach

Success Kid knows about emails. Unless you have the resources to match that of Oprah, listen to him. The scatter-gun approach to outreach is a bit of a turn-off and comes across as impersonal, so do as the baby says, and find your high-value donors with tailored messages.

15. The Strength of a Multi-Pronged Nonprofit Meme Approach

Of course, throwing emails in all directions isn’t the best way to reach everybody. There are numerous useful channels like the old-fashioned face-to-face approach and telephone drives. These have different levels of success depending on different demographics, but several approaches are usually better than one.

16.  Remember You’re on the Side of Good

Fundraising work can be relatively thankless and exhausting. But that’s just life, isn’t it? And it’s important for you to remember if you are encountering difficulties, that you should always suck it up and get on with it.

If you need some encouragement, consider resting on the assurance that you’re going into this with genuinely good intentions and making important changes to people’s lives.

17.  Pass on That Stoicism

And toughing it out will help you succeed in other ways. As long as you keep your chin up, your prospective donors will be inspired to do the same, so come at them hard and never back down.

18.  Put it all Together and What have you Got?

So, you’ve stiffened the sinews, summoned up the blood, and chosen your preferred approach. You’ve sent out your emails and printed your physical media. You’ve been cut off from cold calls more times than you can count.

Now you’re just waiting on some replies… By now, you should be feeling pretty good. In fact, with a multi-channel approach and some real determination, you’ll be reaping the emotional and rejuvenating rewards of fundraising in no time.

19.  Get some Help

If in doubt, it’s always useful to reach out to someone who can help. There are countless resources available like apps and fundraising platforms that might be able to help you streamline the process and engage better with all your donors. Many of these will tie automation into your process so you can outsource the distressing stuff to a machine and still keep the righteous emotional rewards of raising money for a good cause.


Any good fundraising meme compilation should make you laugh while still being instructive, and ours is no different. If only all guides were as easy to digest as this! Still, fundraising can be a bit of an overwhelming task, so there’s no shame in looking for help. At Rally Corp, there are tools and resources to help you with your fundraising efforts, regardless of the nature of your cause or charity.

Grow your list, keep your contacts engaged and mobilize your supporters with the text apps while keeping a live visual record of your fundraiser's progress with the fundraising thermometer.

Don’t forget rejection is a numbers game, and with the right planning and the dedicated arsenal of memes, you’ll be able to roll with the punches and find those donors. And if it gets hard, remember; at least you’re not in corporate marketing.