How a Member Association Drives Engagement

James Martin
Published on | 
February 15, 2019
How a Member Association Drives Engagement

A Nonprofit Association Case Study

We are working with a regional nonprofit professional association seeking ways to increase event participation and member engagement. Here is how we implemented a custom Rally workflow to engage and build their audience.

The Problem

Each month this organization puts on a “Lunch and Learn” and invites a speaker to address hot topics in their industry. In the past, they have used surveys and paper forms to get speaker feedback and pick interesting topics for future events. However, getting consistent and meaningful input proved challenging as few completed the paper surveys.

Beyond just feedback, the point of these lunches is to build community within this network of professionals. Keeping the members engaged in a meaningful way between events took several email attempts, most of which yielding little to no response. The president and membership committee needed a simple way to keep members connected and encourage potential members to take the next step.

The Solution

Using Rally Corp, they can now leverage a universal short code with a simple workflow using their Twitter handle. On social media, in their email campaigns, and during and after their events, they encourage members to text in their feedback as a simple sentence or take a slightly longer survey on their website. Giving members an option to submit just a sentence or two via a text message, they have increased participation by over 300% and gather new insight into what was working and what could be improved.

In addition to increased participation, they now have a new method for members to use when sharing information about their association. With a simple text message, they can inquire further and automatically receive a link to their website and a list of upcoming events. This simple act has increased membership year over year and reduced the reliance on paper forms.


Using this as a starting point, this nonprofit is continually looking for ways to engage, learn, and develop content for their members. We love working with nonprofits, and we are more than happy to accommodate their tight budgets.

Rally Corp helps nonprofits and associations serve their donors and members by providing another touchpoint to engage and develop the people that make their mission possible. And with the convenience of text messaging, the ability to manage their communication preferences, and the option to keep their personal information confidential, both members and potential members are far more willing to engage and participate.

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