2023 Nonprofit Conferences: Connect, Learn & Recharge

Kevin D. Hendricks
2023 Nonprofit Conferences: Connect, Learn & Recharge

If you’re ready for a new start in the new year, we have a list of nearly 70 nonprofit conferences in 2023. Find an event to help your nonprofit organization and boost the bar for 2023. 

Whether it’s in person or online, take the opportunity to connect, learn, and recharge.

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Why Nonprofit Conferences Matter

The pandemic put a pause on in-person gatherings, but it’s time to get back in the game. These nonprofit conferences can be a way to connect, learn, and recharge.

  • Connect: Conferences, summits, and symposiums are an opportunity to meet new people. Chance encounters can create fortuitous connections. A workshop speaker could become a new ally. A vendor might have the solution you’ve been looking for. But only if you show up.
  • Learn: With technology and culture constantly changing, nonprofits are playing catch up. You need to learn the latest, whether it’s nonprofit best practices or industry insights. Conferences and events can be a quick knowledge dump, giving you nuggets to mine throughout the year. They can also help you figure out the gaps for more in-depth, future learning.
  • Recharge: Yes, conferences are work. You’re taking notes and networking. But they’re also a chance to get out of the office, see something new, and be inspired. Take the opportunity to recharge. Book an extra day and see the sights. Visit a national park. Go to an art museum. Take in a show. Experience more than the beige carpet of hotel meeting rooms. The conferences are important, but you’ve got to enjoy the journey.

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