Text Replies

Have a conversation: Reply to texts, give information, answer questions.

Text Replies

Goal: Interact with supporters.

Who’s it for: Nonprofits who want to forge a strong connection with their supporters.

Here’s How It Works

  1. You’ve sent a message: It starts with any text message you send. Maybe it’s a bulk text message or a smaller group. It could be a timely alert you sent out.
  2. Get a reply: Then you receive a reply. It could be a question, a high-five, or someone who wants to unsubscribe. Encouragement may not require a response and texting STOP is an automatic unsubscribe. But a question is going to require a response.
  3. Filter: You can use Rally’s sentiment analysis to sort through those replies and find the ones you absolutely must answer. You can also have replies forwarded to your email inbox or mobile phone so you can better monitor responses.
  4. Respond: Then respond! Answer questions, give info, and point the way. You can have a conversation with your supporters, just like you would over email or on the phone.

Making connections: See how the Salvation Army Great Lakes Division replied to someone who needed assistance.

Next Steps

  • Feeling creative: The Rally platform supports emojis, videos, and images like GIFs, so you can personalize your message to better connect. 
  • More interaction: If you want more back-and-forth conversation, peer-to-peer texting offers flexibility in sending rates, which can make it easier to manage conversations. That can be especially helpful for managing a group of volunteers.

Texting and mobile features made specifically for you

We’ll help you roll out texting campaigns the right way and empower you with the tools to measure and understand how people feel about your messages. Nonprofit marketing is hard enough, so our goal is to help you get real results with mobile.

Ask about our Get Results Guarantee. 🏆
Rally Corp
Use your current online donation forms
Integrates with nonprofit CRMs
Ready-made nonprofit text messaging templates
Text 24365, Toll-free/10DLC, & QR Codes
Multimedia messaging service (MMS) with pics, GIFs, video & emojis
Two-way or peer to peer (P2P) texting & automated to person (A2P) bulk texting
AI-enhanced features & automation
Ringless voicemails
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