Alert Text Messages

Text alerts are ideal to deliver timely notices that people need to see now.

Alert Text Messages

Goal: Quickly inform people about urgent updates. 

Who’s it for: Nonprofits who need to send timely alerts, whether for emergencies, weather closures, event updates, etc.

Here's How it Works

  1. Pick an audience: You can work with an existing list you’ve already imported or segment a list to focus on a narrow audience.
  2. Craft the alert: Whether you’re closing for weather, changing an event venue, or giving an emergency update, write your text message to be clear and concise.
  3. Send: Send your alert text. It’s that quick and easy. You also schedule an update to go out in the future (maybe a final morning of reminder that the staff parking lot will be closed).

Example: See how the Kroc Center in Quincy, Ill., uses Rally to send emergency alerts.

Next Steps

  • Feeling creative: The Rally platform supports emojis, videos, and images like GIFs, so you can humanize your message and soften the blow of an unexpected closure.
  • Reply: Once your text alert is sent, you can easily monitor replies and respond as necessary. You can also use AI-powered sentiment analysis to see which replies require a response.
  • Hear a voice: Pair with ringless voicemail to add an audio message to your alert. This is a simple way to add authority and boost trust.

Texting and mobile features made specifically for you

We’ll help you roll out texting the right way and empower you with the tools to measure and understand how people feel about your messages. Our goal is to help you get real results with mobile.

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