Case Study: How My360Project shifts production and fundraising efforts to make masks in response to Covid-19

How to Rally Donors and Raise Awareness. Quick.

About My360Project

The My360Project has developed a shoe to change the lives of children around the globe. In the developing world, children must have shoes to access education, and without shoes, a child’s lifespan and opportunities are drastically limited. Their shoes are designed to protect children’s feet and transform the economy of communities.

“We desire to DISRUPT the cycle of poverty by creating a sustainable solution of employment for those who are victims of trafficking or are unemployable due to lack of opportunity or education. $35 provides one pair of shoes to a child in need and helps provide sustainable income for the training of our artisans,” said Founder Darryl Carnley.

Executive Summary

During the first couple of weeks of the Covid-19 Pandemic, My360Project shifted their production from shoes to masks in order to help stop the spread of the virus and flatten the curve. They needed to reach their existing donors quickly to let them know of this opportunity to make an impact. They also wanted to provide a reliable means for people to get their own masks if needed for a small, optional donation.

They saw the opportunity to raise awareness about their longstanding mission with new households and provide a resource for groups needing masks of their own.

“The Rally team continues to be super responsive to our needs. It is more than just technology for us when we pick a partner.    It comes down to the people, and Rally is good people.” – Darryl | Founder    

Their Challenges

It takes a great deal of money, time, and energy to capture supporters and champions of a cause under normal circumstances, but add the challenges of a global pandemic, and it is even harder to separate the signal from the noise.

We are all inundated with asks and opportunities to spend time and money.

How Rally Helped

With Rally Text to Donate, the My360Project team worked through a list of past donors reliably to reach them via text message, a channel that continues to be the most effective way to get a message delivered in real-time.

In addition to building awareness in the community, they quickly launched a new campaign by texting the keyword “MASKS” to 24-365, which gave new households and groups the easiest way to learn about their new initiatives. This also provided a means for people who text to place an order and refer friends if they wanted to get a mask of their own.

The Results

There was a 30%+ increase in conversations on the new campaign and 1,000+ masks made and shipped in just 7days. My360Project continues to expand and evolve while well on its way to accomplishing its mission to provide masks & shoes for the millions of children worldwide who desperately need them.

Next Steps

If you are interested in a similar strategy, you can book a short discovery call with our team here. We'll talk through your upcoming campaigns and fundraising goals and share ways a Text to Donate solution like Rally can help.

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