Fundraise for Your Christian Mission Using Text to Donate

James Martin
Fundraise for Your Christian Mission Using Text to Donate

About This Webinar

2020 proved to be a challenging year for organizations that send people on mission trips. Especially if they use these trips as a primary source of income to raise funds supporting their outreach and operations. With the global Covid-19 pandemic shutting down economies and travel, many of these groups were forced to postpone or cancel major trips and scramble to find new ways to raise the funds they need to keep the lights on.

To make matters worse, when it comes to mission trip fundraising, more often than not, these trips serve to build community and camaraderie between the mission and the people who participate and volunteer. Therefore, since these trips couldn't happen, many of these groups will feel the loss of ongoing support and gifts for many more years to come.

From Tribulation to Triumphant

But if you know anything about these missions and the people who lead them, you'll know that it will take a lot more than a global pandemic to slow down their commitment to their Christian cause.  In fact, most will tell you that it is through adversity, persecution, and against-all-odds difficulties like these that caused the early church to explode in growth and go global in the first place.  This, after all, is not the Church's first pandemic. Not even close.

As the world begins to open back up, we are optimistic that travel will return to normal and that many of our volunteers and teams who have been pent-up will be ready to make short-term mission trips in the coming months. This very well could cause a significant boost in registration, participation, and donations for years to come especially, if we take this time to revisit how we communicate and what we do to build some "stickiness" to our cause and our fundraising efforts.

That's where Rally comes in. Rally is proud to sponsor a series of webinars with the team at Mission Finder.

The Mission Finder + Rally Corp Combination

Mission Finder’s mission is to list every Christian organization worldwide on one website to network with the Christian community. Founded in 1998, Mission Finder is one of the Christian organizations' largest online directories globally. Through technology, Mission Finder’s comprehensive website for Christian organizations impacts thousands of organizations and individuals worldwide by helping them serve others.

Rally Corp helps charities cultivate and inspire passionate supporters by leading the market in mobile communications for causes. Started as a result of the founding team's personal struggle driving ongoing conversation and engagement with their missions and fundraising efforts, the Rally Platform is the leading text messaging tool on the market today for nonprofits.

Built specifically for churches, charities, and causes, Rally combines Ai-enhanced features with simple opt-in strategies like Text to Donate to help organizations of all sizes mobilize their mission to raise donations from potential supporters. In short, avoid the email inbox by building a vibrant list of mobile phone numbers for your supporters.

Help for Your Next Fundraiser

In this webinar, we will look at ways to capture consent to text people and share best practices like Text to Donate with conversational texting to build community, empower fundraiser teams, plan mission trips, and ultimately drive donations to hit your fundraising goals.

When it comes to raising donations to fund your missions trips, you deal with pretty significant barriers to get and keep the attention of your fundraisers, youth, and volunteers. The Rally Corp + Mission Finder teams will help you overcome these challenges with Rally Text to Donate combined with your listing on the Mission Finder website.

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