SMS Deliverability: Ensuring Your Text Messages Reach Their Intended Recipients

Kevin D. Hendricks
SMS Deliverability: Ensuring Your Text Messages Reach Their Intended Recipients

New carrier regulations that will have a major impact on SMS deliverability go into effect on Sept. 1, 2023. Every nonprofit wants their text messages received, so compliance is critical. Rally will help you ensure SMS deliverability. Join our webinar on September 21 to learn more.

Why it matters: SMS text messaging is a direct line to your supporters, volunteers, and beneficiaries. Your mission's momentum may falter if your messages fail to reach their destination.

What’s happening: Remember the wave of email spam? Text messaging is now facing similar challenges. 

  • Text messaging is immensely valuable for nonprofits, but bad actors are abusing phone numbers and flooding devices with spam. 
  • Cell phone carriers are implementing new regulations to safeguard SMS communication.
  • Verification and compliance are more critical than ever, and Rally is ready to help you follow the new SMS marketing rules.

SMS Deliverability Webinar

Rally is hosting a specialized workshop aimed at helping nonprofits maximize their SMS impact. We’ll help you navigate the new norms of SMS deliverability.

This free webinar will cover:

  • Full details about the impending changes and their relevance to your nonprofit.
  • Insights into different phone numbers and how deliverability might affect them.
  • Strategies to navigate the intricacies of toll-free verification.
  • Best practices to ensure your SMS campaigns receive swift approvals.

Improve Your Approval Rate: Precision Matters

Every detail in your SMS registration can influence approval. From detailing your nonprofit's mission to specifying your SMS campaign intentions, carriers are keen on clarity and genuineness. Our workshop will guide you through crafting impeccable applications.

Whether it's application to person (A2P) or toll-free verification, carriers need clarity on who's communicating and the purpose behind it.

Rally: Making SMS Easy

Sometimes SMS can feel like a labyrinth. Don’t be daunted. Let Rally Corp assist. Our workshop isn't just informational—it's transformational. With hands-on guidance, identify common challenges and devise strategies for seamless SMS communication.

After the regulatory deadline, unapproved SMS campaigns may lose their efficacy. Equip your nonprofit with the know-how to maintain consistent and impactful communication.

Register for Rally’s Nonprofit SMS Deliverability Workshop

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