How to Write Text Messages to Improve Donor Retention

Kevin D. Hendricks
How to Write Text Messages to Improve Donor Retention

One of the roadblocks to getting started with text messaging is knowing what to communicate. Many nonprofits struggle trying to figure out what to even say. We understand this dilemma and have created text message templates to help you know what to say and how to say it. This free, one-hour “How to Write Text Messages” webinar will walk through examples and offer templates you can use to write effective text messages.

Writing Text Messages

A blank page can be an intimidating way to start writing, which is why we offer pre-written templates you can use to jumpstart your text messaging. These templates will get you started, help you understand the mechanics, and move you toward writing your own messages.

There are four distinct types of messages with different goals:

  1. Transactional
  2. Solicitation/marketing
  3. Informational
  4. Conversational

They all have their uses, but some are definitely more effective than others. We’ll look at these different types, check out examples, and explore how some types have a bigger impact than others.

Webinar Details

This free, one-hour webinar will focus on how to write text messages:

  • How to use a simple framework to write a text message.
  • We’ll look at examples of specific texts and why they work.
  • As a bonus, you’ll get 10 free templates and a special offer to access 125 more.
  • Q&A at the end so you can get your questions answered.


James Martin is a three-time tech founder and servant leader with over two decades of experience. As the founder of Rally Corp, he helps charities and causes rally passionate supporters with a human-centered texting platform built exclusively for nonprofits.

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