Thank You Time Machine: How to Re-Engage Lapsed Donors

Kevin D. Hendricks
Published on | 
January 3, 2024
Thank You Time Machine: How to Re-Engage Lapsed Donors

Re-engaging former donors is a great example of low-hanging fruit your nonprofit should capitalize on. These supporters like what you do—they already donated once. Now is a great time to reach out to former donors, say thanks, and try to re-engage them. 

Use Memories to Reconnect

Facebook and Apple Photos often pull up reminders to suck you back in—and it works! A photo from just a few years ago suddenly has you feeling nostalgic. Memories are powerful. 

Your nonprofit can do the same thing. People donated to your cause for a reason, and it’s often a deeply emotional one connected with your cause. 

We’ve created a way for your nonprofit to easily tap into those memories and re-engage lapsed donors. We call it the Thank You Time Machine. It helps you send a thank you text message to a supporter for a previous donation and then encourage them to give again. And it can all be done automatically. Watch our free webinar to see how it works and start doing it right away.

Webinar Details

Join us for a free webinar to help you re-engage lapsed donors.

  • How to create a ‘time machine’ that can engage donors on a giving anniversary.
  • We’ll explore the value of gratitude and why it works to start there.
  • How you can make a personal connection and re-engage with a story of success.
  • Q&A at the end to answer your specific questions.


James Martin is a three-time tech founder and servant leader with over two decades of experience. As the founder of Rally Corp, he helps charities and causes rally passionate supporters with a human-centered mobile communications platform built exclusively for nonprofits.

Marisa Tucker-Alleyne is Rally’s client success manager and helps nonprofits get results. She worked on the other side of the desk in nonprofit marketing for four years, using Rally to send text messages for two years. For this webinar, Marisa will specifically share how gratitude was a key to developing relationships with donors.

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