How to Maximize Revenue with Mobile Giving

James Martin
How to Maximize Revenue with Mobile Giving

About This Webinar

What would an online donation experience look like if it was completely mobile optimized?

With 25% of all online giving now coming from mobile sources and with over half of your website visitors on their phones, it is no longer a device you can ignore. Additionally, in 2020, the average donation through text was $135, up from previous years, so it is a channel that can significantly drive revenue when done right.

​This webinar will teach you how to set up donation pages to make giving on a mobile device simple and effective.

Tune in to Learn

  • ​Strategies to drive donor engagement using mobile landing pages and text to donate.
  • How to leverage mobile responsive design, Ai-enhanced experiences, upsells, and multiple payment options to reduce the friction to give.
  • Ideas to grow your donor base this year by using mobile-friendly technology on Giving Tuesday.

​About Your Co-hosts

​Wil Pope of Fundraise Up and James Martin from Rally Corp share proven strategies and tactics from their experience working with causes and charities of all sizes.

Fundraise Up is the premier online fundraising platform for enterprise nonprofits. Powered by AI, machine learning, and data science, Fundraise Up is proven to generate 2x more donation revenue.

Rally Corp is mobile messaging built exclusively for nonprofits. Powered by AI, our conversational platform ensures your donors get and stay connected.

​Bring your questions and challenges, and we'll open the floor for Q&A and show you how we'd use these strategies and tactics in your specific case to get results.

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