Fundraising Thermometer: Show Your Progress

Kevin D. Hendricks
Fundraising Thermometer: Show Your Progress

Rally has a new fundraising thermometer to boost engagement for your next fundraiser. 

How It Works

The fundraising thermometer is an easy way to show progress at your next fundraiser, whether it’s a live event or an ongoing campaign. Here’s how it works:

  • Display: Show the thermometer on screen at your fundraising event or online.
  • Ask: Use a QR code or a text keyword to ask people to make a pledge.
  • Share: Your donors can share their name and a message to display on screen. 
  • Donate: Send a link to your preferred donation platform so supporters can complete their pledge.
Fundraising thermometer in action.

Thermometer Benefits

Here’s why you want to use it for your next fundraiser:

  • Frenzy: Showing immediate support and growing donations in the thermometer can push others to get on board and support your effort. Put peer pressure to work for your cause.
  • Fun: Allowing donors to share a message during the event boosts engagement. It’s an extra way to tap into your audience and show love for your cause.
  • Flexible: Use QR codes or text keyword to pledge, plus the fundraising thermometer works with any donation platform.
  • Follow up: If they don’t complete their pledge right away, no worries. You have their contact info to send a reminder and the pledge is still counted in the thermometer.

See the Fundraising Thermometer

Watch this demonstration to see the fundraising thermometer in action:

If you want to put the fundraising thermometer to work at your next fundraiser, get started with Rally.

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