How to Use Text Messaging to Engage & Retain Donors

James Martin
How to Use Text Messaging to Engage & Retain Donors
Free Course Offer

Rally is pleased to offer a free course in partnership with The Growth Executive, LLC, on How to Use Text Messaging to Engage & Retain Donors.

Staying in touch with past donors is a real challenge. This course will share how to use conversational text messaging to forge a strong, authentic relationship with your donors. The result will be supporters who feel connected and give more.

The results are impossible to ignore:

  • 39% of people have more than 100 unread emails in their inbox, with 20% saying they have over 1,000
  • 98% of text messages get opened, most in just a few minutes
  • 45% of people reply to branded text message blasts
  • The average donation size via text message is over $107 compared to just $40 with email

So it is no wonder why so many non-profits are turning to text messaging as a means to engage and retain donors, but before you get started, take a few minutes and explore the ideas of Conversational Texting. We believe it will help you start your next campaign on the right foot.


This event is no longer available. Get notified of the next one here.