Case Study: Coast Care Partners

Kevin D. Hendricks
Case Study: Coast Care Partners

Empowering seniors starts with the right staff, and Rally helped Coast Care Partners optimize their recruiting.

“Rally is doing what no one else does, and their partnership with us is developing into what may become our primary sustainable competitive advantage.” -David Chong, executive director of Coast Care Partners

What They Do: In-home care for seniors in San Diego County.

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Coast Care Partners is a local organization that empowers adults to age in peace. They bring compassion and dedication to senior care.

“We bring care to aging adults because we can assist in finding the beauty of aging. We bring peace of mind to seniors and their families.” -Dave Chong

Biggest challenge: 

Finding the right staff is the biggest challenge. Serving seniors with the dignity they deserve is everything, and that means having a pipeline to find qualified candidates. Keeping those candidates flowing through the process—application, pre-screening, background checks, references, interviews—it’s a lot.

Many qualified candidates will miss a step along the way or opt for a job with an easier process. That means finding even more candidates to go through the process.

The solution:

Rally works with Coast Care Partners to optimize their recruitment process and keep candidates moving toward getting the job. 

With personalized text messages, Rally helps Coast Care follow up with candidates who have stalled in the process. Rally leverages artificial intelligence and a team of agents to monitor replies, answer questions, and schedule interviews.


  • 30% improvement in applicant conversion.
  • Significantly lower cost per hire.

The personal touch of a custom message is so much more effective than a templated response or generic text.

Download: 30% Boost in Conversion for Coast Care Partners

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Case Study: 30% Boost in Conversion for Coast Care Partners
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