Case Study: AARE

Kevin D. Hendricks
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November 2, 2022
Case Study: AARE

A real estate company with a heart for giving back turned to Rally and streamlined their recruitment efforts. 

“Rally has made an incredible impact in our communication techniques and our bottom line in a short period of time. Their technology and customer service is second to none.” -Andrew Arroyo, Chairman and CEO

What They Do: AARE is a residential and commercial real estate company. 

Founded: 2004

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AARE is a real estate company with agents all over the U.S. In addition to selling property, they’re passionate about generously giving back to their community. 

“Our vision is to yield positive results for society at large through our generous capitalism business model.” -Andrew Arroyo

Biggest challenge: 

As a talent recruiter for AARE, John would spend all day working the phones with minimal results:

  • 60-80 calls a day.
  • 10-14 connections.
  • 8-10 appointments a week.

Getting people on the phone is a real challenge. They don’t recognize the number and ignore the call. The only solution? Make more phone calls. 

The solution:

Instead of cold calls, John began using Rally to reach out with personalized text messages. His team can monitor responses, answer questions, and facilitate a warm introduction when John reaches out personally to interested candidates. 

  • 500% increase in appointments.
  • 12-15 meetings a day. 

This approach not only avoids wasted time with non-responses calls, but the personalized approach better serves the candidates. It not only works better, but it’s a better face for the organization.

Download: 500% Increase in Appointments for AARE

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Case Study: 500% Increase in Appointments for AARE
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