Text KEYWORD to 24365

A simple and easy way to get people to take action, whether it’s making a donation, volunteering, getting information, or more.

Text KEYWORD to 24365

Goal: Make it easy to trigger a specific action.

Who’s it for: Every nonprofit who wants to rally people to act and build their mobile opt-in lists.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Set it up: Create a keyword for our 24365 shortcode. It stands for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year—easy to remember! (You can also use a regular or toll-free phone number and/or set up a QR code to do the same thing.)
  2. Auto-reply: When someone texts your keyword to the phone number you select (or trigger the QR code), the Rally platform will send them an automatic text with your message and a link. That’s where you put your specific call to action, whether it’s a donation, volunteering, a prompt for details, or just sharing information.
  3. Action: When someone clicks the link, they’ll go to your site to take action. That action is up to you. Text-to-donate is very common, but you could use it for almost anything—volunteering, connecting people to services, signing up for alerts, learning about your nonprofit, and more.
  4. Reminder: If they don’t click the link, you can follow up with a reminder text. 
  5. Follow up: Whether they act or not, you can run a report to track progress and then tag those contacts for future follow-up. 

Simple success: See how My360Project asks people to text a keyword in simple conversations to share what they do.

Next Steps

  • Feeling creative: The Rally platform supports emojis, videos, and images like GIFs, so you can personalize your message to boost connection. A video from your founder can be a great way to introduce people to your organization’s work.
  • Get more info: Add prompts to collect additional information, such as name, email address, interest area, donation amount, and more. You can text PROMPTS to 24365 right now to see how it works.

Texting and mobile features made specifically for you

We’ll help you roll out texting campaigns the right way and empower you with the tools to measure and understand how people feel about your messages. Nonprofit marketing is hard enough, so our goal is to help you get real results with mobile.

Ask about our Get Results Guarantee. 🏆
Rally Corp
Use your current online donation forms
Integrates with nonprofit CRMs
Ready-made nonprofit text messaging templates
Text 24365, Toll-free/10DLC, & QR Codes
Multimedia messaging service (MMS) with pics, GIFs, video & emojis
Two-way or peer to peer (P2P) texting & automated to person (A2P) bulk texting
AI-enhanced features & automation
Ringless voicemails
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