Rally Launches Video That Cares for Your Cause: Click to Donate Video™

Kevin D. Hendricks
Rally Launches Video That Cares for Your Cause: Click to Donate Video™

Rally.so’s Click to Donate Video is a new fundraising tool that drives engagement for your nonprofit. With in-video donate buttons, no ads, and no distractions, it’s video that cares about your cause.

Let’s face it: People watch online video all the time. A smartphone is basically a mobile TV in your pocket. That’s an incredible opportunity for nonprofits to engage and connect. Fundraising videos create the emotional connection and offer everything you need to engage. Video is a vital part of nonprofit marketing.

The problem: But there’s a catch. Most social media video platforms don’t care about your cause. They care about their bottom line, and they build their platform accordingly:

  • Commercials: Ads interrupt your video, before it starts or part way through (or both!). Your organization’s impact can be blunted when your great video is interrupted for a commercial break.
  • Keeping viewers on the platform: By auto-playing the next video or highlighting other video content (which you can’t control, so it could be competitors or questionable content), most platforms work hard to lock in viewers.
  • No links: Video platforms make it hard to share a call to action because they want to keep viewers on the platform. You either have to wait for a link at the end or pay for an ad. Or hope viewers will type in your URL on their own. That barrier to your donation page can cripple your fundraising campaign.

None of that helps a nonprofit trying to rally people and drive donations. Despite the best nonprofit videos and incredible nonprofit video storytelling, your conversions will be limited.

Get Video That Cares for Your Cause

Introducing a new video marketing platform that cares about your cause: Rally.so. Our Click to Donate Videos are focused on driving engagement and connection for your nonprofit organization.

  • Direct donation buttons: As the title implies, Click to Donate Videos feature a prominent donation button during playback, making it easy to support a cause instantly. No typing in URLs. No waiting for the video to end. No paying for an ad to ask for donations. Just click to donate, right from the video.
  • Focused on your mission: Our videos have no commercials and we don’t suggest a ‘next video.’ No distractions means videos and viewers are focused on your nonprofit’s cause.
  • Shareable: Video is best when shared, so Rally.so offers links and embed codes, plus sharing via SMS text messaging in full HD quality. 

That means you can post video to your website without worrying about a video platform distracting your supporters with other videos or questionable ads. And that donate button is always there to drive fundraising for your nonprofit.

Interactive video directory: In addition to a video tool focused on your cause, Rally.so offers a video directory of nonprofits. This online directory can help new donors discover and support your nonprofit.

How to Get Started With Nonprofit Video

Rally.so is a free service with extra options for Rally customers. 

Free accounts: Nonprofit organizations can create a free account, upload or record their HD video, and add a URL to your click to donate button.Then you’ll get a link to share and an embed code to add it to your website. Your video will also be featured on the Rally.so homepage for the world to see.

Rally customers: In addition to uploading and sharing videos with a donate button, Rally customers will also get sharing via text message, custom colors and button text, and other Rally features including fundraising thermometers, signup forms, ringless voicemail, and much more.

Plans & options comparison chart.

You invest in video production for your nonprofit fundraising videos, so make sure you’re likewise focusing on the video platform.

Visit Rally.so to get started today.

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