So, Where Did the Name Rally Come from?

James Martin
So, Where Did the Name Rally Come from?

About Rally Corp

Rally Corp, Inc is a Delaware C-corp founded in 2017 by James Martin and Michael Luckey

We are a distributed team with our headquarters in San Diego, California. 

Our Story

At the end of 2015, James, our founder, sold Monk Development, a California Software-as-a-Service company, along with his two business partners at the time. He and his team developed technology that powered websites, communities, and events for some of the world's largest churches, charities, and private universities for nearly a decade.

As president and head of sales, he saw many of their 8,000+ customers spend millions of dollars annually driving people to their events and websites and then struggle to build lists, convert, and retain long-term members, volunteers, and donors.

After exiting his company, James was reading a book called Entrepreneur's Guide To The Lean Brand: How Brand Innovation Builds Passion, Transforms Organizations and Creates Value reflecting on his experiences when he came across this: 

Your RALLY Point
Working from your WHY, you can begin to shape your story around a common place where the pieces of who you are as an organization, who you are as a founder, and who your audience is can coalesce.
Think about this space as a rally point. Your rally point represents the reason for people to gather around you and to join you “in the journey.” It will represent your ‘side’ and also dictate everything else that doesn’t fit to be on the other ‘side.’ Organizations should have a reason to exist. No matter how great your product is, how successful your track record has been, or how much (or how little) money you have in the bank, people need a reason to get behind you. Give them a reason. Give them the depth they are looking for. Give them a common point to unite around and you’ll create the potential for strong, long-lasting, and value-based relationships.

He knew that this was what our new company needed to do! To help causes and charities amplify and communicate their mission and reach their inflection point. To assist them in connecting, communicating, and "converting" donors by being effective at sharing their stories and reason for being. And then, in turn, helping their supporters be part of their story in a meaningful and personal way.

But How?

We needed a way to engage and “convert” people quickly – to stay connected to them over a long period of time.

As a newly formed team, we researched several methods to do this before landing on mobile technology as the most reliable means to align and then “activate” or “mobilize" people to take action. We call this a Rally!

Our Why

To help charities cultivate and inspire passionate supporters by leading the market in mobile communications for causes.

In short, we are committed to helping you succeed with mobile.

Hi, we're Rally Corp. We help nonprofits mobilize support.

At Rally Corp, we know that you want to be a confident nonprofit leader. But, to do that, you need to raise funds and build relationships with your supporters.

The problem is it's difficult to keep people's attention which makes you feel frustrated and overworked. We believe raising support shouldn’t be so hard.

We know how it feels to send emails and leave voicemails with little to no response. That’s why we help the world’s top charities use human-centered text messages to get the results they want.

Here's how it works

1. Pick your plan and activate your account

2. Connect your existing CRM and fundraising pages

3. Start communicating with donors with ease and confidence

So, click here to get started. And in the meantime, download our Ultimate SMS Checklist for Nonprofits.

If you are tired of feeling like a hamster running on a wheel to nowhere and ready to mobilize and rally support, then start today. We can’t wait to help you get results.

Our Values

Our Core Values shape how we treat you and influence every product decision we make.

We put people first. We’re building Rally for the benefit of people like you.

We believe in the power of relationships. Building trust is the key to success.

We get results. Our solution drives conversion and action.


Well, that's a wrap. Thanks for your interest in our story. More importantly, thank you for the opportunity to be part of yours!