The Value of a Contact Card for Nonprofits Trying to Connect With People

Kevin D. Hendricks
The Value of a Contact Card for Nonprofits Trying to Connect With People

Here’s a super simple way to make it easier for your nonprofit to connect with donors: Use a contact card. It will add your organization’s name and contact info to someone’s contacts and the next time you reach out your name will come up. 

Why Does It Matter?

This is such an easy win for nonprofits, because without it your texts or calls show up as “Unknown”—meaning people are very unlikely to answer. Your emails are also more likely to go to spam. 

A super easy fix is to send people your contact card. 

Then when you call or text, your organization name and logo will show up. People are more likely to answer, plus you’re building on that name recognition. 

A contact card also means you’ll stay out of the spam folder, which means a more effective email and more connection.

Before and after adding a contact card.

How Does It Work

It’s really simple. You just create a contact card (sometimes known as a v-card) and then consistently send it to new contacts. Make it part of your onboarding process for new contacts. 

When you join the Rally platform, a contact card can be automatically sent when someone joins a list or signs up for a newsletter.

Get a Contact Card With Rally

Rally is a mobile platform designed to help you connect with your donors. We’d love to help you create a contact card and show you how to use it. Join Rally now to get started.

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