Connect With Your Top Donors

Kevin D. Hendricks
Connect With Your Top Donors

Here’s a simple way to improve as a nonprofit organization: Connect with your top 10 donors.

Call them up, take them out to coffee, and ask a lot of questions.

It’s not about asking them for more money. Tell them up front the meeting is not about money. It’s about understanding your donors. It’s about building relationships. It’s about figuring out how your nonprofit organization can better connect with your audience. Often asking for advice may lead to more donations, but that’s not the point.

Ask about them:

  • What’s your background?
  • What are your priorities?
  • Who inspires you?
  • Why do you do what you do?
  • How do you like to get involved?

Ask how they connected with your organization:

  • How did you find us?
  • What inspired you to donate to our organization?
  • Why us? 

Listen to them and keep the conversation focused on them and their perspective. This is not an opportunity to tell your latest story or make another pitch. Just listen and learn.

You should walk away with bountiful notes about the type of person who supports your nonprofit organization. This is great info about your audience and can now be used to refine your message, clarify your pitch, and hone your fundraising efforts. 

Be sure to follow up with a thank you for their time. (And don’t ask for money then either.)

Spend time with your top donors and get to know them. It’s as simple as that.