Be Human: How Your Nonprofit Can Connect

Kevin D. Hendricks
Be Human: How Your Nonprofit Can Connect

The average person scrolls through 300 feet of mobile content every day. 


That stat comes from Facebook’s Global Creative Director Andrew Keller way back in 2017. Just imagine how much more scrolling we do today.

The point: When eyeballs slide past that much content every single day, how do you break through?

The solution: Be human.

“If we can just keep our message conversational, authentic, consistent, human—then we have such a better chance of actually getting them to take action.” -James Martin

Here are a few tips to be human:

  • Be conversational: Use short sentences. We’re OK with slang and contractions. 
  • Be direct: Respect people’s time by getting straight to the point.
  • Focus on them: How does this impact the person you’re talking to? Emphasize why it matters to them.
  • Make it personal: Quarterly targets don’t inspire people. But the impact you’re having on real people matters. To be human, talk about humans.
“Our job is to connect with the mind, the heart, and the hands of our audience. If I can bring those into alignment, if I can get someone’s thinking and feeling to then match their doing, I can move them to action.” -James Martin

At Rally, people first is one of our core values. None of this matters if we’re not connecting to real people and making a difference in real lives. Book a demo and we’ll talk—person to person—and show you how Rally can help you connect.

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