Facebook + Rally Corp

Better Together

The platform offers free tools that nonprofit businesses can use to fundraise on Facebook and Instagram. These include a donate button added to your page, posts, and live videos. The donation button lets people donate once or set up recurring monthly donations to your cause.

Connect your Facebook page or fundraising tools to Rally Corp to increase your follower count and improve campaign results.

Add Text-to-Donate Capability to Your Current Fundraising Platform

  • Make it easy for people to donate during an event or in response to a post or video on social by inviting them to text a keyword to 24365.
  • The Rally Platform will automatically return a customizable message, video, or series of configurable questions and then redirect to your existing fundraising page(s).
  • Since the donation is collected in your existing fundraising tool, there is no need for another merchant account or donation management system.
Use Rally Corp's "Text AWORD to 24365" to send people to any page on your website.

Customer Story:
 Brian at Habitat for Humanity uses the Rally Platform, so visitors to the VIP Store have a quick way to signup for special in-store events and offers, allowing them to grow their list 2-3x faster.
Change your backend platforms and pages without losing your phone numbers or keywords.

Customer Story:
A large national charity lost all its keywords and phone numbers after a competitor's contract expired, leaving them in a bind. After switching to Rally Corp, they are free to swap things out and not worry about updating their contact record on all their supporters' phones or losing access to a phrase like "Text THIS to THAT."

Segment People and Send Highly Personalized Texts From Your CRM

  • Assign people to a text messaging campaign and send them personalized messages that include details from their CRM contact or donation record.
  • Text messages have a 90%+ open rate and a response rate over 45%, so you can be assured that messages sent from the Rally Platform will be seen and have a significantly higher chance of getting a positive response than the industry average of 24% email open rate.
  • If someone opts out of text messaging, Rally Corp automatically removes them from all future campaigns, so you don't have to worry about managing compliance across multiple tools.
Share resources with people after they register for an event.

Customer Story:
Hannah with the YMCA sends a link to their website with resources to help registrants prepare for their camp experience, ensuring they have readily available information on their phones when they check in.
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