Bloomerang + Rally Corp

Better Together

Bloomerang is the community-focused nonprofit donor management software built to deliver a better giving experience and help organizations thrive.

With Rally Corp, you can add text-to-donate to Bloomerang donation pages and share contacts between the two systems. Contacts in Rally Corp from Bloomerang are tagged, so you easily segment them and assign them to SMS/MMS campaigns. As a result, you will increase the likelihood that your supporters will respond to your messages and improve donor engagement and retention.

Add Text-to-Donate Capability to Your Current Fundraising Platform

  • Make it easy for people to donate during an event or in response to a post or video on social by inviting them to text a keyword to 24365.
  • The Rally Platform will automatically return a customizable message, video, or series of configurable questions and then redirect to your existing fundraising page(s).
  • Since the donation is collected in your existing fundraising tool, there is no need for another merchant account or donation management system.
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Use Rally Corp's "Text AWORD to 24365" to send people to any page on your website.

Customer Story:
 Brian at Habitat for Humanity uses the Rally Platform, so visitors to the VIP Store have a quick way to signup for special in-store events and offers, allowing them to grow their list 2-3x faster.
Change your backend platforms and pages without losing your phone numbers or keywords.

Customer Story:
A large national charity lost all its keywords and phone numbers after a competitor's contract expired, leaving them in a bind. After switching to Rally Corp, they are free to swap things out and not worry about updating their contact record on all their supporters' phones or losing access to a phrase like "Text THIS to THAT."

Segment People and Send Highly Personalized Texts From Your CRM

  • Assign people to a text messaging campaign and send them personalized messages that include details from their CRM contact or donation record.
  • Text messages have a 90%+ open rate and a response rate over 45%, so you can be assured that messages sent from the Rally Platform will be seen and have a significantly higher chance of getting a positive response than the industry average of 24% email open rate.
  • If someone opts out of text messaging, Rally Corp automatically removes them from all future campaigns, so you don't have to worry about managing compliance across multiple tools.
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Share resources with people after they register for an event.

Customer Story:
Hannah with the YMCA sends a link to their website with resources to help registrants prepare for their camp experience, ensuring they have readily available information on their phones when they check in.
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