Rally Account Cancellation

To cancel your account, just complete the form below. 

🛑 Before you go: Did you know that if you participate in our "Get Results Guarantee," we'll stop billing, and you can keep using the platform for free?

Watch this video to learn more. If you are interested in this offer, email support@rallycorp.com. Otherwise, use the form below to authorize your account removal.

NOTE: Effective Sept 1, 2023, carriers now require the registration and verification of every organization that sends texts to US phone numbers. As a result, we are protecting the integrity of our customer's network and restricting access to those who start/stop services within their first year. If you cancel without putting your account on "pause," please get in touch with us before signing back up again in the future. Depending on your Trust Score, we may be unable to help you. Our commitment is to organizations that use mobile as a strategy, not a quick fix or spam; therefore, we can't put those who play by the rules at risk. Thanks for understanding!